Aim of the G10

The aim of the G10 is to provide a parallel to the G8 (Now G7) where major developments relating to our future are seen from a philosophical and less from a political perspective.

Philosophers and economists go hand in hand. We use the classic meaning of the word economy, where different 'choices' can be made to organize a society, and we use philosophy in the meaning of search for 'true’ ways.

You will find at the G10 ten blocks, which are interrelated. This year one block is focussed on ‘consciousness’ mainly because the knowledge of this particular science increases steadily. The study of animal consciousness has become very advanced after titles such as 'The genius of birds' or 'are we smart enough to know how smart animals are.'

Why the G10 is so unique?

In times of increasingly speeding up and on the other hand commerce everywherethe G10 falls back on classical concepts asbig sturdy sessions with a sharp focus and notshort bites of 15 minutes.

How do we choose our topics?

Of course the organization of the G10 has many ways to be inform The themes are chosen so that they anticipate the future in a "poetic" way. Poetic in the sense Novalis gave this word. No path to the future without alternatives.

What happened last year?

2016 was the first G10, click here to have a look (Dutch version).